16 September – 24 October 2010
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Collaboration BREDAPHOTO and art academies

31 March 2010

For the first time BREDAPHOTO collaborates with several art academies in the Netherlands and Belgium. Academic photography students in Breda, Antwerpen, Brussel and Gent, received an assignment to create work within the theme TILT. The students enthusiasticly started the assignment that turned out in a stunning result. All kinds of surprising photo(series) where presented. The most promissing students will exhibit their work during the 4th edition of BREDAPHOTO. So far there are about ten students selected to participate in BREDA PHOTO, namely

Peter de Krom (NL), Miriam Donkers (NL), Jasmijn Labadie (NL), Chloe Dierckx (BE), Jasper de Meester (BE), Sarah Marks & Willem Corten (BE), Max Pinckers (BE), Anneleen Bouttery (BE)


De curatoren beoordelen werk.


De curatoren beoordelen werk

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