16 September – 24 October 2010
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Charlotte Lybeer

First name: Charlotte
Surname: Lybeer
Country of origin: Belgium
Subtheme: Society, On the run, Culture

Charlotte Lybeer (Belgium, 1981) is

a freelance photographer and teaches

photography at the Royal Academy of Fine

Arts in Antwerp. She studied at the Ghent

Art Academy and at the Higher Institute of

Fine Arts in Antwerp. Besides Belgium, her

work has been exhibited in several other

European countries. In 2009, for instance,

she had a solo exhibition, Beyond the Final

Fantasy, in the Flemish Cultural Centre de

Brakke Grond in Amsterdam. Her work is

included in the collections of the Belgian

National Bank, the Flemish Parliament and

the Antwerp Photo Museum.

Lybeer’s projects have an encompassing

context: they show people escaping into a

stage-managed reality, in order to get away

from everyday life. She has photographed

small communities of rich Americans and

South Africans, for example, who have literally

fenced themselves off from the outside

world. In her photo series LARP, taking

a holiday from everydayness (2009) Lybeer

shows people taking part in Live Action

Role Playing activities, in which they come

to events dressed as self-invented characters,

inspired by games, films and fantasy.

Lybeer captures LARP participants, dressed

in their transforming outfits, in their everyday

environment. This creates a sharp contrast,

which tells us something about these

people’s identity.

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