16 September – 24 October 2010
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Sarah Marks en Willem Corten

First name: Sarah Marks
Preposition: en
Surname: Willem Corten
Country of origin: Belgium
Subtheme: Humour, Society

Sarah Marks (Belgium, 1985) and

Willem Corten (Belgium, 1987) are both

students at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts

in Antwerp. In Sarah Marks’ work movement

and time always play an important

role. In her video work she starts with photos

and digitally edits them into moving images.

Setting a still image in motion introduces

a sense of alienation. Willem Corten

on the other hand explores perspective and

the third dimension. One of the ways in

which he does this is by the use of stereophotographic


In their installation Like Pictures in a Book,

Marks and Corten give a two dimensional

image a three dimensional feel by projecting

a video image into a corner. The inspiration

for this comes from the literal meaning

of the Dutch word ‘tilt’: the angle of incline

from the vertical. We see a character who is

involved in a search. The viewer is also challenged

to go on a search – a search for the

right perspective. The sound of footsteps is

played in surround sound. This simulates

the character’s presence in the space to the

maximum and draws the viewer in, making

him or her a part of the work.

by Vanden Meersch are reminiscent of archaeological

sites, but the appearance of

the buildings betrays the fact that they are

relatively recent. These two hundred photos

give the viewer a sense of the vastness of

this virtually depopulated region.

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